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Imagine If You Could:

Yes! Your imagination can turn into reality at On A Heal

Guess what?
We’ve created a space that actually keeps you on a high pedestal!

Feel The Warmth Around You

Committing to a wellness journey can be challenging, overwhelming, lonely, and frustrating. Feeling lost?

Our community space will move you forward with all the necessary support, empowerment, and accountability you need to help you achieve your desired life.

Ready to start your wellness journey? We’ve got you covered for the first week!

Our Approach

Do You overthink everything? Or feeling locked up with the mind?

You just need to take the pressure off and instead of focusing on results, focus on your lovely self.

The On A Heal Membership creates a safe space for you to commit to and sustain your wellness journey by expressing yourself more deeply and practicing self-exploration so you can heal, expand, grow and live a happier and more meaningful life.

Finding Your Uniqueness

At On A Heal, we are committed to moving you forward through self-exploration and helping you find your authentic self and build a deeper connection with yourself and others so you can fulfill your potential. We simply take your wellness journey personally!

The Focus Areas


We help you build a positive mindset, build resilience, improve wellness, and restore your life balance so you can raise your shoulders high again


We support you in dealing with conflict, help you express your feelings, understand yourself and also understand others through self-awareness. We share in your feelings.


Our membership helps you to adopt an attitude for continued improvement, master time, get more focused, and protect your energy so you can achieve maximum productivity.

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What Is Your Number One

Wellness Blind Spot?

The Wellness Adventure Plan

At On A Heal, We are passionate about helping millennial women become happier, healthier, and fulfilled. Here’s how:

The Healing Hub

Our Inspirational community educates, motivates, and connects energetic millennial women around the globe who are never afraid to take giant leaps, dig deeper, and fully help them embrace themselves to reach their full potential.

Self Exploration Cards

These cards are designed to help you discover a bit more about yourself and others. It takes you and others on a journey of self-exploration to make you heal, grow and deepen your relationships.

The Membership

The On A Heal membership provides help and support to keep moving you forward on your wellness journey.
Guess the amazing part?
Your first week is on us!

About the Founder

Ida, a.k.a the chilling therapist, is a woman who advocates for the expansion of passionate and heart-centered humanity.

She believes that for this to happen, women who are passionate, heart-centered, and empathetic need to rise into their power.

Ida is the visionary founder of On A Heal, helping countless millennial women live happier, and a more meaningful life.

She has been on her own mental health and wellness journey for over 10 years and her mission is to empower you by creating a safe space for creative millennial women like you to sustain their mental health and wellness journey by exploring themselves more deeply so that they can reach their full potential.

Many women speak of how emotionally draining, lonely, overwhelming, and frustrating it is to commit to their mental health and wellbeing journey and this is why Ida created a sacred space for you to command the chaotic and terrifying world of your mind and restore it to vitality and light.


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