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Our story

A Journey Of Achieving Wellbeing, Good Relationships & Productivity Through Self-Exploration

The story of “On A Heal” is not your ordinary tale. It’s literally a DREAM… coming true!!!

It all started in 2017. When the desire to start something out of the void urged Ida, aka chilling therapist and the founder of “On a Heal!

She had dipped her toes in the therapy world for two years.

And she knew there was some purpose behind why she was being hit hard by the challenges. She was given a golden chance to explore Psychology in the middle of a challenge that life was throwing at Ida.

Guess what???

Ida fell in love with psychology as it revealed more of who she is. And, most importantly, her love and devotion to understanding people.

With a background (Ghana, West Africa) in which mental health is taboo and rarely discussed, now embracing it and making it her passion project, she has vastly changed the course of her life.

Ida started off practicing psychotherapy in Australia. Having provided therapy for several years, she realized that the women she helped were missing something. And the missing pieces of the puzzle were more important than you might think.

Say, that push to step into their purpose…harness their inner power… do more of what mattered to them.

Many of the women she served spoke about how emotionally draining, lonely, overwhelming, and frustrating it was to commit to their mental health and wellbeing journeys.

While she was on her way to creating a community that empowered womanhood, she had a dream in which she saw herself as a woman who was dancing and yearning. She was WHOLE and perfectly healed. That dream became the inspiration and foundation of “On a Heal.”

That’s why she calls it a dream coming true, and rightly so.

Our Mission

On a Heal, being the place to help you cultivate tools to step out in the world and into your power and thrive on being the beacon of light for women who want to…

Harness their power, and overcome the vulnerability within themselves and others. And a space that keeps women accountable and busy in purpose-seeking — always on the lookout for the BIGGER picture!

our values

Women, their healing, and their empowerment are at the heart of our community and shape our values.



Ingenuity, drive, progress, and confidence describe who we are.



Our actions show compassion, passion, sincerity, and kindness to others.



We encourage inclusion, equality, and acceptance.



Our operations are authentic, accountable, and transparent.



Our enthusiasm, energy, and creativity inspire others.



We are committed, responsive and consistent experts in our industry.