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“On a Heal” Envisions Creating a Global Diverse Online Wellness Community

The space that helps you become your best and live a meaningful life

With On a Heal, our energetic yet creative millennial women get a safe space to sustain their mental health and wellness journey by exploring themselves more deeply to Expand and Grow and live a HAPPIER, more FULFILLED life. We believe in self-exploration with fun, expression and pure freedom. As a whole;

We take your Mental Health and Wellness Journey Personally!

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An exclusive bundle of healing & self-exploration material

Actionable Pointers to Straight Follow

A monthly dose of research-backed information and knowledge aimed toward assisting you in your quest for wellness. From articles to books for mindfulness and tailored master schedules and game plans to make you feel alive, we’ve got you covered for a lively life.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to digital resources, guides, and fun challenges that empower you to regain control and trust.

Monthly Workshops For Self-Exploration Purpose

A Way to Connecting the Dots

A monthly workshop empowers you to learn from the experts and engage with like-minded souls.

Group Therapy Sessions with Clinical Therapists

Get Better After Every Session

Group Therapy sessions: include Cognitive-behavioral, Interpersonal, and Psycho-educational. To increase one’s ability to cope with life challenges. And to uplift the use of self-care skills, create healthy patterns, develop positive relationships, and foster mindfulness.

Question and Answer Sessions

Be Accountable, Expressive, and Focused

A monthly Q&A that deepens your relationship with yourself and others by getting answers to the quests you want around yourself. The answers lead to a magical balance in life and work and a more significant legacy.

A Healing Forum Paves the Way to Heal

Inspirational Digital Resources to Educate and Motivate

On our exclusive forum, you meet and connect with energetic millennial women around the globe who are never afraid to take giant leaps, dig deeper and fully embrace themselves to reach their full potential. they boldly share their life stories with community members and inspire everyone.

Extra Perk

A Chance to Host A Session

Get featured on the forum, be a member of the month, and host a class to share your gifts and heal others. It proves that we believe in the greater good.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still reading this, then our Membership (most likely) is a perfect fit. You love being in charge of your own life and want to learn how to make good decisions without others controlling you. You want to carve the road to your success on your terms. You know it’s important to set intentions, but it often feels impossible to add self-care when everything else seems chaotic. The healing program is for you.

No, 29.99 USD for everyone. We wish to serve as many individuals as possible by helping them to learn to live a more meaningful life while keeping the Membership affordable with meaningful experience. Finding a supportive community can be difficult when times are hard. We don’t want money to be why someone can’t access our Membership. If you can not afford our Membership, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help.

If you feel the pressure of your everyday life, creating a life worth living is crucial. It is easy to get carried away with activities that don’t necessarily help you find your success. We make living a better life easier. We help you organize a better life by curating and presenting the information in an easy-to-understand format.

Reaching a place of healing with mental health can be lonely, challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating. This is why we made this forum, so you have the support, empowerment, and accountability you need to continue moving forward on your journey to wellness.

We will use the same resources with a fresh look each year. It is because taking time to reflect on these resources every year is an important thing to do. We have found that reflecting on these resources helps us explore what brings the most meaning to our lives.

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Join the community of 1000+ purpose-seeking women to improve your sense of well-being and mindfulness.

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